How to join the Association

Joining us is simple, and is open to all adult residents in our area.
This generally comprises all Coulsdon addresses that are in the London Borough of Croydon, are west of the London to Brighton railway line and in or south of Smitham Downs Road.
Other residents may be become members subject to committee approval.
This map, also on our HOME page, shows the general area from which CWRA accepts members.
CWRA general area

We accept membership applications from any address in Smitham Downs Road
For any other queries regarding addresses near the boundary
Please send an email to the membership secretary


Membership costs a simple £3 per member per year.
Membership can be taken out at any time in the year, and runs for 12 months from date of payment.

Residents become a Member by completing a Membership Form and by paying the £3 subscription by one of the methods stated.

Membership + Road Steward Form

Membership Forms are best sent by email - sending to - or by using the email form below.
Membership Forms may be sent by POST to CWRA, 28 Warwick Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2EE
They may also be given to a Road Steward.
We ask for an email address, so that CWRA can contact members to advise of relevant issues and events.
A phone number is optional, but if no email address is available, then we do need a phone number as we do not have the resources to contact members by post
When a Membership Form and payment has been received, a Membership Number will be confirmed.


Subscriptions are best paid by annual standing order, which avoids the need to make a specific payment each year.
Subscriptions may also be paid by one off bank direct bill payment using online or telephone banking - or in person at a bank.
CWRA bank details may be found in the Road Steward Form, which is attached to the Membership Form.

Membership + Road Steward Form

Subscriptions may be paid by cheque sent by POST to CWRA, 28 Warwick Road, Coulsdon, CR5 2EE
They may be paid in cash to a Road Steward.
In all cases, we ask for a Membership Form to be completed.
If payment is made by repeat standing order, there is no need for a fresh Membership Form.
However payment by other methods does require clear confirmation of name and address - which is what the Membership Form provides.

When setting up your standing order, or paying by telephone banking or online banking, please use your name, and house name or number in addition to your postcode as the reference, for example:
so that we can match your payment to you.

Our payment details may be found in the Road Steward Form, link above.

Work is in progress on a secure on-line form.
Until then, this link will bring up an email to the membership secretary


The General Data Protection Regulations require us to inform you how your data is used, and how to ask for its erasure.
The information that we collect from you when you join (and at any subsequent times) is used by us to contact you to advise of any meetings - such as the Annual General Meeting - and to remind you when subscriptions are falling due.
You may ask us to remove your details from our systems at any time. In the event that we have no contact with you for three years, we will remove the data without being asked.
We do not pass your details on to any third parties.

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